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GMR@SF.net is a Latin-to-English translation of the Traditional Latin Mass with grammatical information from William Whitaker's WORDS. Scripts are included to create HTML, PDF and plain text renditions. Download files from sf.net. Read more.
  1. Traditional Latin-English with grammatical information: gmr.html
  2. Tabular Latin-English mapping with grammatical information: table.html
  3. TLM vocabulary list: word_list.html
  4. TLM dictionary: domx.pdf

Calibre e-books

Following are Latin and English documents in various formats: HTML, Kindle AZW3, EPUB, PDF, etc. Non-HTML files can be downloaded by right-clicking.

  1. Latin Grammar
  2. Vatican II
  3. vatican.va
  4. Nova Vulgata: Bibliorum Sacrorum Editio
  5. Petronius
  6. Cicero
  7. Seneca
  8. Bede
  9. Neo-Latin

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